B Side Mikey Show / The Ghost Next Door / 2-9-19

Tonight is a special long awaited podcast, as the members of THE GHOST NEXT DOOR will join me live in the house! 8-10PM (PST) in the world famous Studio 2B is where it goes down. We will stream this showlive on Facebook @ the FCC Free Radio Page, for some Q&A, as well as “rippin” the brand new album “A Feast for the Sixth Sense” in it’s entirety. You can listen live as well by going to, www.fccfreeradio.com / click the big Studio 2B button & your in! This band out of Berkeley CA. brings such a diverse writing style the music simply speaks for itself! Bands like this keep the Bay Area music scene alive for all of us around the world. I appreciate you all on the planet for supporting my podcast as I begin my 5th year, so DON’T DRINK & DRIVE! Find me on Facebook @ Michael S Sojda or @ B Side Mikey Show. Cheers… \m/

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