Radio Show 06/22/19 Finals Are Over, NBA Draft, NHL Draft and Pros And Joe’s Segment

Good afternoon and welcome to Radio Show. Today we are featuring our Pros and Joe’s segment. With Mike “The Shu” Shuman the Pro and Miles Middleton our Richmond native Joe. Today we are discussing the obvious but painful NBA Finals loss to the Toranto Raptors. We also are talking about the NBA draft and how the Warriors fared with their picks for next season.

The Oakland A’s have lost Frank Montez to 80 games for banned substance abuse so that is bad timing for the team that is playing above 500. The San Francisco Giants continue their losing woes and will most likely trade Madison Bumgartner. This is tough news for Bruce Bochy who is calling it quits after this season. The San Francisco Forty Niners are gearing up for their 2019-2020 season with Jimmy Garapolo having regular reps in practice.

The Oakland Raiders are going to be featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks, which will give more insight to practice sessions and player interactions with their new coach Jon Gruden. The San Jose Sharks have re-signed Eric Carlsson and Evander Kane. Which means they still have their core players for next season and we’ll see what their new draft picks will mean for the 2019-2020 season. Remember folks it’s your bay area and we have your sports right here on Bay Area sports magnified!!

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