Radio Show 05/18/19 NBA WCC Warriors VS. Blazers. NHL WCC Sharks VS. Blues. Finally Mike “The Shu” Shumann!!

Good afternoon and welcome to the Radio Show with me your host Richard “The Razor” Ewing. I have a fantastic show for you today with finally my co-host Mike “The Shu” Shumann. He will be with me in studio 2B so I won’t be hosting alone. Today’s podcast will be on Facebook Live and you can actually see the show. Look for it also on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and of course on

The Golden State Warriors take a 2-0 lead over the Portland Trailblazers and now the series moves up to Portland at the Moda Center where the Trailblazers have had great success and look to get back in this dog fight for the Western Conference Championship. The San Jose Sharks after completing their Western Conference Semi-Finals win have found themselves in a dogfight of their own taking on the St. Blues. That series is now tied 2-2 after San Jose dropped game 4 to the Blues 2-1 and now will have to find a way to overcome the Blues if they want to challenge the juggernaut that is waiting in the wings, and that team is the Boston Bruins.

The NFL Draft is officially over for 2019. Both Bay Area teams the Raiders and 49ers are assessing their picks against their perspective roster and are in shaping and molding mode to produce winning campaigns for the 2019-2020 season. The SF Giants with Farhan Zaidi as GM is trying to do two things. One, figure out how to make the Giants great again. I hate the Donald Trump reference, but maybe it will keep you reading this. Two, assess whether or not if Farhan is the best choice at GM for the change needed in San Francisco.

The Oakland A’s are providing good individual talent in performance out in field play, but aren’t producing more wins to compete in the A.L. West division. Which makes you wonder, do they need more time to gel or making trades and replacements from their farm division is going to move their franchise in the right direction. And will Dave Kavel and crew announce a real time on the new A’s stadium? Answers to these questions and more today regarding your sports Bay Area. Remember folks its Bay Area Sports Magnified!!

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