Radio Show 04/20/19 On Facebook Live! NBA Playoffs & Tiger Regains His Title At The Masters!!

We also have Tiger Woods back on top at The Masters. The San Jose Sharks are fighting for there playoff lives, hope they can battle back against the Golden Knights. It appears that the hearing against Robert H. Kraft owner of the New England Patriots has been scheduled. The 2019 NFL Schedule has been released and the 49ers & Raiders now know what to prepare for in the upcoming season. The Giants are starting to show some competitive play as the season progresses. The Oakland A’s have re-signed the other KD, we will definitely be discussing the KD in a Warriors uniform.

Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to another Saturday on Radio show. I am Richard “The Razor” Ewing and my co-host Mike “The Shu” Shumann is out with load management issues. But he will return soon. I have a great show for you today. I’ve been told that we will be on Facebook live today so you can see the show live, and I’ve also been told that we might have a B-Side Mikey sighting on the show from the “The B-Side Mikey show” if we can get him on big bonus for us today. We got the Warriors in a first- round fight with the L.A. Clippers which has moved to a game 4 on Sunday.

But Kris Davis has re-signed a two year deal with the A’s and will be donning the green & gold at least until 2021. It’s all here. It’s in your east bay neighborhood it’s in your west bay neighborhood. It’s in your north and south bay neighborhood because it’s your bay area. And when it comes to Bay Area Sports no one covers it like Bay Area Sports magnified!!

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